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Week 8 Winter ’09 Group Meetings

Rich attempted to keep his group meetings to 20 mins, and he almost succeeded four times…but he talks a lot and averaged about 25  minutes, oops!  Topics for group meetings included:

  • How the best do the best: Rich is getting surveys from high-achieving EEPsters regarding their techniques on how to be successful studenst,
  • EEP tote bags available.  See Nancy!
  • Rich is almost done prepping his research project.  Participate for your chance to win a $300 Visa gift card
  • the SEAA is this Sunday!

Announcements included:

  • Steven Gee accepted to Yale (and other!) Yaaaa!
  • Thanks to those that volunteered when the Koreans came.
  • Rich has discontinued our Sparkletts water until we make up the cost of chaning the OMNI lock codes ($500!).  Thanks to those who passed around the code.  “Tap water is safe to drink” – Rich
  • Laura and Kristen start next quarter.  Sign up YOURSELF to see one (or both)
  • Talent show (SEC Show) will probably be held in the Music Hall? Thoughts?
  • EEP Formal will be on March 23rd
  • Mock Trial club scored big at AMTA (google it)
  • Michael Levitin won “Best Witness”

In other news, Yearbook class best ballots are out – please vote only once!  Also, Ballardo for most attractive!  I’m allowed to do that since I basically moderate the blog.  I never claimed to be impartial.

Here’s some pictures!

Rich talking to the masses Rich talking to the masses!
Rich shows off his impressive group meeting times
Rich shows off his impressive group meeting times!


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