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Actually, we moved a while ago. Here’s where you should go for current (as of March 2013) EEP Club information: http://www.eepclub.com/


Farewell from the Sanchez-Wang administration

In an unusually peaceful transition of power, the Yeh-Bhandari administration took the reins of the EEP Club at the 2011 Transition Meeting on July 18th. The minutes of this meeting may be found under the “Minutes” tab (or at this link). The roster of the newly-appointed board for 2011-2012 can be found under the “Officers” tab. The Sanchez-Wang administration wishes the new administration all the best. We’d also like to acknowledge those people for whom a “thank you” would be woefully inadequate. Thanks to them for bearing the brunt of the work of the EEP Club this past year! We can’t list everything they’ve done for the club, but we’ll list some of their most outstanding contributions.

  • Cristiana: Thanks for keeping the board in line! I think we had one of the most organized administrations ever–thanks!
  • Vincent: Thank you for not losing money!
  • Jakki, Catrina, Yulan: Events!! They were awesome!
  • Tiffany: Best yearbook. ‘Nuff said.
  • Chris: Thanks for the footage!
  • Grant: Major thank-you for washing those dishes. Some EEPsters should be ashamed of themselves.
  • Giulio: Thanks for helping move the Lounge and keep things orderly after the migration!
  • Rowan: Thanks for keeping stuff working in the computer lab!
  • Lawrence: Brought back the newsletters!
  • Stevens: Do we still owe you money?
  • Dr. Elkins: Thanks for signing off on our profligacy!
  • Dr. Maddox: Thank you for (and from) EEP!
  • Nancy, Isabel: Thank you for all the help with mailing things, making reservations, and booking meeting rooms!
  • Angela: Thanks for ensuring the tutors got paid on time!
  • Lea: Thanks for planning Grad Nite, and for letting us pick your brains for advice on EEP Club affairs!
  • Ajay: Thanks for planning the Basketball Tournament, and for fronting the money for event food!
  • Michael: Thanks for planning the Mixer(s)!
  • Susanna: Thanks for communicating with the freshman cohort so well!
  • Sam R.: Thanks for showing up to our meetings!
  • Adrian: Thank you for making the election somewhat exciting!

Thank you, and good night–

David T. Wang

Elections 2011 update!

Here are the results of the EEP Club Elections!

Candidate Votes
Jakki/Ajay 34
Adrian/Jakki 11
Couch/Clipboard 2
Mother Teresa/Hitler 2
Sanmit/Hitler 1

Jaquelyn Yeh and Ajay Bhandari have been elected President and Vice President, respectively, of EEP Club for 2011-2012!

Constitution Revision Votes
Yes 44
No 1
Apathetic 5

The revised Constitution has been ratified, and is effective immediately. The LaTeX source is included below for your reference.

Voting Participation by Class # voted % of total votes cast % of class participating
Freshmen 16 32% 65%
Sophomores 13 26% 65%
Juniors 9 18% 60%
Elders 12 24% 25.5%

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Yearbook DVD Poll – Johnson vs. Johnson

If you’ve watched the Yearbook DVD, vote for the best Johnson & Johnson commercial!

Grad Nite 2011

This year, Grad Nite will be held at Disneyland from Thursday, June 16, 2011 to Friday, June 17, 2011
The cost of this event is $65 dollars which also includes transportation.
There are limited spaces for grad night, so this event will be a first come, first serve basis.
So please, turn in your dues and permission slips early!!
Graduating EEPsters will have priority for this event!!
The event lasts from 11:30 PM to 6:00 AM, but we must arrive at Disneyland before 10:00 PM.
So please arrive at the lounge no later than 9 PM on Thursday, June 16, 2011. If you are not there by 9:00 PM, we will leave without you!! 
You will arrive back at school by 7:30 A.M. the next morning – Friday, June 17, 2011.
Priority Permission slips are due ASAP!!
If permission slips and dues are turned in after that deadline, there is no guarantee that a spot will be reserved for you.

The permission slips are here and here, and must be filled out and turned into the EEP OFFICE!!! 

EEPC Officers will not be accepting any permission slips. PLEASE DO NOT TURN IN PERMISSION SLIPS TO THE EEPC MAILBOX!!

Fees must be attached with a fee remittance slip and must be turn into the EEPC Mailbox!!

EEPC Officers or EEP Office will not be accepting any fees.

The Disneyland Website for Grad Nite is: www.disneylandgradnite.com
This is a list of prohibited items and a dress code!! Please read before attending the event!!
If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail Jaquelyn Yeh at jakkiluvsyou@gmail.com

Jaquelyn Yeh’s Presidential Platform

Say Yay for Yeh!!

Hello, my name is Jaquelyn Yeh and I am running for EEPC President with Ajay Bhandari for EEPC Vice President. I am currently a senior in EEP and I have been an active EEP Club Officer for the past two years. As a Social Chair, I have planned numerous highly-attended and fun events that you have been able to attend. From Laser Tag to Formal, I have worked with the Social Chairs very hard to make each event a success.

As an officer on the EEP Club board over the last two years, I have had to chance to see, firsthand, the hard work and dedication that is required to make sure EEP Club is run well. From providing scantrons and blue books to compiling yearbooks and organizing events, EEPC does so much for each individual EEPster. I would love to be your next EEPC President because I feel that my qualifications and unique personality traits make me ready to take on this responsibility.

I have been on the officer boards of various other clubs on campus, such as being the Secretary of the Music Appreciation Club and Vice President of the G.E. Honors Club, where I have learned many useful skills that will make me a better EEPC President. Because I have worked with many different people in different settings, I can easily adapt to different situations. I will dedicate my time and effort to this position, take your input and incorporate your suggestions into the way EEPC is run, and otherwise work tirelessly to make sure that your experience with EEPC is the best that it can be.

If I am elected as EEP Club President, I will continue to run EEPC successfully as John and David have over the past year. As EEPC President, I would implement the following ideas:

1) Better Student Services: I will make sure there is always a supply of scantrons, blue books, whiteboard markers, and miscellaneous office supplies that are needed. I will also try to make sure that the EEP Lounge is clean, because everyone can benefit from a cleaner lounge, whether to study or relax.

2) More Events and Making Sure They Run Smoothly: I would like to have more events that happen throughout the school year such as a Movie Night, a Beach Clean-Up Day, a Field Day, and a Mini Golf event. I would love to hear suggestions and take them into consideration. As Social Chair, I have learned a lot this year about events and how to make sure they run smoothly. I will work with the new Social Chairs and collaborate with the board to make sure that events are even better than before.

3) Fundraising Events: In order to decrease the cost of events so that more EEPsters can attend, I would like to fundraise throughout the year by having bake sales, selling Valentine grams, and holding other fun fundraising events.

4) Birthday Grams: Birthday cakes are hard to schedule for everyone, so, I would like to have Birthday Grams. A Birthday Gram is a cute card from EEPC that comes with candy that is given to someone on their birthday. It’s our way to say “Happy Birthday!! We love to celebrate with you.”

5) De-stress Events: Sometimes, midterms and finals can get really stressful, and I think the best way to relax is with some comfort food. At least once a quarter, I will make sure to bring treats such as cookies, brownies, ice-cream, and chips for everyone so they can just relax for a few minutes with their favorite food, then go ace their test. I will try to have more free food events because everyone loves food!!

If I am elected, I will make sure that next year will be successful and amazing with the help of an incredible board and the input of all the EEPsters. I will be dedicated to being EEPC President, and I will make sure all these great ideas and events are put into action!!! Thank you very much for taking the time to read this platform, and don’t forget to vote for Jaquelyn Yeh as EEPC President and Ajay Bhandari as EEPC Vice President!

Say Yay for Yeh!!

EEPBA Basketball Tournament 2011

When: every Monday, from May 2 until May 16

Where: the basketball courts near the tennis courts

Time: 3:15 – 4:15 pm

Team 1 “The Empire”:

  1. Avijit S.
  2. Lawrence M.
  3. Ben S.
  4. Adam B.
  5. Zac S.
  6. John S.
  7. David W.
  8. Crystal F.
  9. Michael P.

Team 2 “The Covenant”:

  1. Ajay B.
  2. Daniel P.
  3. Sanmit N.
  4. Jeff Z.
  5. Ashley S.
  6. Matthew L.
  7. Giulio S.
  8. Caroline M.
  9. Raj S.
  10. Beejay C.
The team to win 2 out of 3 games will be the winner!
Please arrive on time! We want to make sure that those that have class at 4:20 pm can get there on time! 
The rules for the tournament are only slightly changed from those used last year:
  • Two 20 min halves (+ 5  min overtime), separated by a 5 min halftime (no quarter breaks).
  • No shot clock (please play fairly).
  • The clock does not stop for out-of-bounds, fouls / free throws, etc. The clock only stops for timeouts, injuries and halftime/quarter breaks.

Timeouts & substitutions:

  • Two 1 min timeouts total will be allotted to each team.
  • Substitutions will be allowed at any time (no timeout needed, just step out and have the sub step into the court).
  • Please make sure to rotate often, so as to give everyone a chance to play the game.


  • Free throws for shooting fouls only.
  • Call your own fouls (if necessary, bystanders/bench can help out as referees).


  • Standard (1 point free throw, 2 points inside the three-point line, 3 points outside the line).
  • When you make a shot, please hold up two/three fingers (signifying the number of points the field goal was worth) towards the scorekeeper. If you miss a shot, hold up the zero sign.

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